Eden Hijack was founded by Emma Joy Fulford (née Henderson) in 2008 as a creative outlet from the overflow of life and meditation. A space for sharing snippets from her extensive scribbles and essays of written word, in which she both revels and hides.

In the years that followed its launch, Emma began public speaking and Eden Hijack became a little more known in certain streams. The attention came as quite a shock, and with monastic tendencies and desire for hiddenness, the exposure catalysed a retreat — a disappearance.

Life went on, as it always does. Whilst Emma turned down speaking engagements, the meditation continued and the writing still thrived. Exposure was traded for obscurity, a platform traded for local community, teaching instead through connection, international mentoring, and coaching in organic forms.

Blurring industry boundaries, Emma blends a background in health, safety, emergency care, professional sport, leadership, coaching, writing, and public speaking.

Together with her husband Andrew, they share an open mind and open heart approach to the cultivation of a raw, genuine, authentic and holistic lifestyle.

Passionate about empowering and equipping, Emma is an Emergency Medical Technician working as a clinical practitioner for the NHS front line ambulance service, and is a professional trainer specialising in the delivery of emergency training.

Motivated by empathy and compassion, whether attending to physical trauma, emotional pain or mental difficulty, Emma is dedicated to learning the spectrums of care required to provide a service of excellence.