Cold Water

In seeing what other humans are capable of, there is perhaps a natural challenge, an empowerment of ‘if they can, so can I’. An encouragement and reminder, that in addition to scientific research, evidence-based inspiration and pure unction that already provides confidence in the righteous cold, indeed this adaptive process is incredibly possible. The ease and demonstration of these hardy swimmers silently spoke of

Winter’s Vigour, No Wetsuits, and the Perception of Pain.

"This is not a philosophical theory but an experiment to understand that it brings into play altogether new powers of adaptation to life, of literally absorbing pain and insecurity. The open mind does this as most of us breathe, without being able to explain it at all. The principle of the thing is like judo, the gentle (ju) way (do) of mastering an opposing force by giving into it."

Anxiety, Neurology, and why cold water brings me back.